Welcome to the fantastic world of devolo Magic

Sustainable and powerful – that’s devolo Magic

More stability, greater range, and a speed of 2400 Mbps ensure fantastic multi-media experiences and limitless, uncompromising internet enjoyment. Streamers, gamers, and fans of magical online experiences have the opportunity to discover the home networking of tomorrow – today. The world market leader’s new product line shows itself to be sustainable and visionary. For virtual reality adventures, a digital cloud office, or online gaming, devolo Magic gives you the foundation for the digital home of the future – today. Innovative technologies ensure strong performance, security, and the trusted devolo convenience. Devolo’s Magic adapters are revolutionising the proven Powerline technology and the entire network market, allowing you to experience tomorrow right now.

devolo Magic makes the digital future a present reality.

Ultra HD and 8K

The first 8K televisions are already available. Their resolution is a whopping four times that of Ultra HD. Be there to experience the first television programmes and sports events to be streamed in 8K. devolo Magic ensures that there is enough bandwidth at your disposal.

Virtual reality

Use devolo Magic to immerse yourself in fantastic virtual worlds. For adventures with 360-degree action or live transmission of festivals, a stable internet connection and virtual reality put you in the middle of the action, where you experience first-hand what you would otherwise only dream of.

Online gaming

Undisturbed gaming enjoyment without irritating lags: devolo Magic’s SPS speed of 2400 Mbps makes you ready for the games of the future. Games from the cloud, provided by the market leader’s innovative technology, finally provide the fun you’ve been hoping for.

Points for innovative technology

The right product for each household


devolo is launching two Magic adapter designs: with and without wireless LAN function. And they are each available in two speed classes: 1200 Mbps and 2400 Mbps. Both guarantee top-drawer, magical internet enjoyment.

All devolo Magic adapters are available individually or in a practical set of two: the devolo Magic Starter Kit. For flats of 90 square metres or more, devolo provides all devices with wireless LAN function as a useful multi-room kit with three adapters each.

Powerline technology based on sustainable G.hn


The devolo Magic adapters are compatible with all other adapters based on G.hn. This makes the revolution of the proven Powerline technology even more sustainable.

Remain flexible. The devolo Magic adapters are compatible with all routers available on the market, and more devolo Magic adapters can be added at any time. A devolo Magic network can be set up to function parallel to an existing dLAN network.

Convenient control with the devolo app


The new devolo app puts you in control of your devolo Magic network. Whether you are using a smartphone or a tablet, you always have an eye on everything. The practical installation wizard helps you step by step as you set up your devolo Magic network.

Individual configuration options also allow you to construct a unique home network. Set up practical guest access or use time control to adapt the network to your needs.

Current WiFi ac wireless LAN technology


Four aerials ensure that the devolo Magic WiFi adapter serve the wireless LAN frequencies of 2.4 and 5 GHz at the same time. This provides a robust home network, giving you maximum connection performance even for mobile devices.

All devolo Magic WiFi adapters are equipped with the WiFi ac wireless LAN standard. Modern mesh functions like roaming ensure that your smartphone always connects to the strongest access point – for smooth, quick WiFi connection anywhere in your home. And Airtime Fairness gives fast devices right-of-way in the network so that they are not slowed down by slower ones.

With these products you are already living today in the day after tomorrow.

devolo Magic 2 WiFi next

  • The Internet is transmitted to any room through ceilings and walls over the electrical wiring. More reliable than any repeater!
  • Now featuring Access Point Steering – make your web browsing even smoother and get rid of connection hiccups – no matter which room you're in.
  • Latest Multi-User MIMO for better reception.

devolo Magic 1 WiFi mini

  • Hassle-free and unobtrusive: foregrounds its high performance. 
  • Smart Mesh networking: For a comprehensive, stable connection at speeds up to 1200 Mbps using Powerline 
  • Stability over the electrical wiring: gives you seamless access to the Internet with the strongest connection.

devolo Magic 2 LAN triple

  • Maximum in any respect: Three Gigabit LAN ports with maximum speeds of up to 2400 Mbps.
  • Extra-class multimedia: The three Gigabit LAN ports provide easy connectivity for your most important multimedia devices.
  • Innovative standard: the revolution in tried-and-tested Powerline technology now available on a ground-breaking G.hn basis

devolo Magic 1 LAN

  • High speed up to 1200 Mbps for your digital freedom.
  • Fast and reliable Internet in any corner of your home thanks to Powerline.
  • One Gigabit LAN connection for static devices such as smart TVs, consoles or PCs.